AIRkart Chassis

AIRkart Chassis Specifications

The AIRkart is the latest British designed and built kart racing chassis to be introduced onto the market. Having been in development since 2015, the chassis combines fantastic performance with unrivalled quality, reliability and stunning looks.


The AIRkart is manufactured solely from 30mm Chrome Molybdenum tube, formed and welded here in the UK to ensure unrivalled levels of consistency and reproduction.


All of the chassis components are manufactured utilising the latest in CNC machining processes so that the chassis and components are produced to exacting tolerances guaranteeing quality.


The AIRkart chassis is manufactured for the X30 and Rotax (mini, junior and senior classes) and has been developed tirelessly to out-perform the competition.

30mm CrMo parallel waist design

1050mm wheelbase with 50mm axle

Self-adjusting floating brake assembly

Magnesium bearing carriers

Magnesium wheel hubs (front and rear)

Magnesium sprocket carrier

Tillett seat (choice of size)

Tillett chain guard

Multi-hole caster/camber steering kit

Douglas low volume magnesium wheels

Front torsion bar

KG 506 bodywork

KDG sticker kit

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If you would like to take a look at the AIRkart chassis we attend all PFI and Whilton Mill meetings,  just call into the awning for a chat.

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